Logo Creature Study : Coral Snake 2

Snakes: now ready for pre-order!

Finally finished: my first fleet of fashion-ready snakes!  Here’s a few examples of the finished creatures – just look at how happy they are writhing in the sun:


And think how happy the fashion houses will be now that they can order these creatures (of course genetically modified to bear their own logo) by the barrel! Production times will be whittled to nearly nil now that they won’t have to bother branding the skins post mortem.  I look forward to being rich.

For instance look at this terrible, narrowly missed opportunity: yes, Gucci did manage to work their monogram in but what a loss – the whole bag could have been swimming in branding:


And worse. Poor Hermes, no doubt pressed for time, wasn’t able to work any branding at all into this baby bootie:


Of course many houses did fine but imagine the hassle:


While I wait for my first orders to arrive I’m going to turn my sights to the real challenge: fur. Starting with ‘coons. Or maybe horses. No longer will designers have to struggle to superficially incorporate their logo into fur pieces:


In the meantime I also finished another “White Collar Goes Black” painting. I did not shy away from incorporating Logo Couture into the doctor’s wardrobes, as evidenced here in this detail shot of a breeches and knee-socks combo:


About the author: Kharis Kennedy