“GREEN, how I want you Green” presented by Alaina Simone Inc. at MECA International Art Fair

Join us in Puerto Rico at MECA International Art Fair for a special performance of David Antonio Cruz’s “Green, how I want you green” presented by Alaina Simone Enterprises.  I am honored to be included as a guest performer!

David Antonio Cruz Green how I want you green

Green, how I Want You Green

David Antonio Cruz’s “Green, how I want you green” is an experimental and interactive, bilingual piece based on the last eleven poems, Sonnets of Dark Love, by the Spanish poet Garcia Lorca. The poems were banned for 50 years after his assassination in 1936. The poems are fused with personal narratives and text from Lillian Hellman’s The Children Hours and Oscar Wilde by Leslie and Sewell Stokes, both written around the time of Lorca’s assassination.

“Green, how I want you green,” is a follow up to The Opera, commissioned for El Museo del Barrio and presented for Performa 13.

A performance by David Antonio Cruz, Jennifer Jade Ledesna, Diego Carvajal Peñaranda, Lisa Strum and Daniel de Jesus. Guest performance by Kharis Kennedy. All music is composed and arranged by Daniel de Jesus.

The Consumption of Contemporary Art – Panel Discussion

Alaina Simone Enterprises presents : TAKE FIVE / ART100

Panel Discussion – Nationality, Ethnicity, Identity and the Consumption of Contemporary Art

I’m delighted to announce that I will be showing with ART100 New York in April and attending this event at the gallery Friday evening – please join me! This Friday’s discussion will expand on the dialog that Alaina Simone Enterprises and I started with TAKE FIVE in St. Croix in December.

RSVP’s are required but feel free to share the invitation with friends:

Art100 Consumption of Contemporary Art


Over the past several decades, the nationality, ethnicity, sexuality and identity of an artist have increasingly become considerations and markers in how their art is evaluated, appraised and qualified.

The panel will share their experiences in this regard and will probe the concept of art beyond identity in both the museum and commercial realms.

TAKE FIVE, a survey exhibition of identity, race, gender, power and the environment took place in the U.S. Virgin Islands, in December 2016. TAKE FIVE is now collaborating with ART100 New York to to discuss the role that commercial and non-profit sectors play in the consumption of art that highlights issues of nationality, ethnicity, and identity in the global art market.

Moderator: Carla Acevedo-Yates
Speakers: Jennifer Francis, Kimberly Light, Andrew Lockhart

Please visit www.alainasimoneinc.com for more information on the panelists and moderator.