Tah-Dah: Introducing LYLE!

Kevin and I are delighted to introduce the newest addition to our family: get an eye-full of Lyle Jack Stewart! ¬†We’ve only known him a week but we’re in love.

On Oct 29th the docs announced that (due to various complications with the pregnanacy) they would be “delivering me.” “Looks like it’s time to deliver you.” Disappointingly my role turned out to be somewhat more active than this terminology led me to believe however Lyle and I are both doing great.

Kevin and I are taking the month off to enjoy our new addition; we return island-side and back to work on Dec 5th so until then I’m afraid that I must deprive the world of my artwork.

L and Mom


L sleeping


Kevin and Lyle at pediatrician

Brother and sister meeting for the first time:

Penelope and Lyle meet