Solo Performance, May 3rd, 7-9pm : “Kill It and Be Free” at Pen + Brush gallery (NYC)

Please save the date for my solo performance “Kill It and Be Free” : Thurs, May 3, 7-9pm

Kill It and Be Free Take 5


Performance, “Kill It and Be Free,” May 3rd, 7-9pm
Location: Pen + Brush, 29 E. 22nd St., NYC


In Kill It and Be Free Kharis Kennedy approaches the body as a site of knowledge, a repository of awareness that can be resourced in the service of personal discovery. To this end she straps herself to a polygraph machine to access her inner, subconscious truth. Used predominantly for crime investigations, where suspects are asked a series of general and specific questions, a polygraph measures physiological reactions—breathing, blood pressure, and perspiration—to determine if the individual in question is lying or being truthful.

Informed by personal, ongoing moments in her life as a woman, mother, and wife, Kennedy asks herself questions to challenge the comforts of her previously perceived equilibrium and control. But it is ultimately the body, her physiological reactions, and the ritual of “coming to the table” which reveal much more than the questions asked.

For more information on this duration performance: Kill It and Be Free. Kennedy’s work is concurrently on view at Pen + Brush through May 5th in Angst and Contempt: New Painting.

Image: Kharis Kennedy, “Kill It and Be Free,” Caribbean Museum Center, St. Croix. Photo credit: Wyatt Gallery. Courtesy of Alaina Simone Inc. and Take Five in St Croix.