Thanks to blog Team Neeeeeigh suffers tawdry, public defeat

Team, despite the fact that we have spirit (yes we do!) there’s bad news: our horse has drowned. One of our team mates thought it would be okay to mix glue + calcium carbonate + water and then douse the stallion liberally about the head.  The pony lay prone under sad, slowly puddling pools of stagnant gluey-calciumie-water for the better part of 18 hours. It is now little more than a warped, wrinkly carcass.



Silver lining: it isn’t our fault.  And no, the lesson isn’t to refrain from senseless dousing. Nor is the lesson that we need to spend less time preparing for pep rallies and more time practicing. We just need to spend more money to get the things we deserve! Thick, oh-so-very-thick Belgian Linen is on the way.

However I personally have learned a lesson: blogs give one the opportunity to take what could have been a quiet, personal defeat and transform it into a public humiliation.