King Woman at Pen + Brush gallery – opening reception

Opening Reception: Thurs, Oct 12, 7-9pm

Mashonda Tifrere‘s swanky ArtLeadHER is collaborating with the unique NYC Pen + Brush gallery for an uplifting exhibition. ‘King Woman‘ will “pair underexposed female artists with their established contemporaries in an effort to support the less recognized artists within a community of like-minded women who share the ultimate goal of effecting real change in the marketplace for all women artists.”

ArtLeadHER is Mashonda’s own “dynamic platform to celebrate and bring awareness to the women creating, curating and thriving in the male-dominated art world” and offers the marketing support of boosting exposure, mentorship opportunities, exhibition placement and more. Pen + Brush is an exhibition space that houses “all forms of visual arts and created an imprint,” and “electronically publish literary fiction and poetry” by women artists, writers and influencers.

From performance art to visual installations to portraiture, ‘King Woman’ will feature visual artwork from, Rebecca Allan, Azi Amiri, Ingrid Baars, Hunter Clarke, Donna Festa, Carole Feuerman, Lola Flash, Meredith Marsone, Yvonne Michaels, Stephanie Hirsch, Emma Hopkins, Khakis Kennedy, Kit King, Jane Olin, Reisha Perlmutter, Renee Phillips, Trixie Pitts, A.V. Rockwell, Victoria Selbach, Lynn Spoor, Swoon, Taira, Roos Van Der Vliet, Elizabeth Waggett and Lynnie Z.

Vag Cig King Woman

We were fortunate enough to chat with Mashonda via email about the exhibit and her mission to support women in art. Here’s what she said:

“I’ve been an art collector since my early twenties and began working exclusively with women artists two years ago. As a collector, it seemed as though male artists were always pushed to the forefront and given more respect as creatives. This is something women in the music industry also deal with so it hit home for me, having been on that side of the fence for many years. Female artists have a harder time being recognized and being respected. Also, overall just holding their presence and standing their ground within the art world by not selling their work for less, not having to sleep with male gallerists and not settling for a bad situation to in order get a career opportunity. Those are some actual examples that I’ve heard from the women artists I have worked with. My grandmother taught me to have love for everyone, but to keep a special place open in my heart for other women. I wanted to use my platform to even out the imbalance I saw in the industry.” She continued, “A King Woman is the embodiment of autonomy and determination. She is a humanist who harnesses the strength implicit in emotions, such as empathy and vulnerability. She finds empowerment by empowering others. The work in the ‘King Woman’ show is expressed though a deep level of soul connection, grace, femininity, strength and nature. The show has the power to tap into your past experiences, bring forth inspiration to your present moment and give you hope for the future.”

What is sure to be an incredible exhibit with abundant encouragement through empowering, artistic sisterhood is something you don’t want to miss.

Visit ‘King Woman’ October 12th – December 9th at Pen + Brush, 29 E 22nd St (NYC) and attend the opening reception from 7pm – 9pm the night of October 12th.

King Woman Opening Reception Invitation