Can’t kick me out now!

Good news: the National Association of Women Artists has juried me into its ranks!  Even better news: following the induction I asked the obvious question and the answer was “yes, once you’re in you can’t be kicked out.”  I smell carte blanche!

I’ve also been honored to have work selected for inclusion in the upcoming 11th Biennial Exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery.  I’m excited about this one as Nancy Princenthal (critic, former Senior Editor of Art in American, etc.) was the curator and she chose “White Collar Goes Black : Group Bespoke” which is one of my larger paintings and hasn’t been shown before:


Opening night is Thursday, Dec 4th (see you soon NYC!) and I have outfit concern – do you think that without a shirt this outfit will make it look like I’m one of those sad artists who are “trying too hard” or “desperate for attention?”


Snakes on a Plane

Actually I’m on a plane to L.A. and the snakes have stayed behind in my studio.

As “White Collar Goes Black” progresses I find myself delving ever deeper into a related side-project: creating a line of Logo Creatures. Whose multi-purpose hides, conveniently, one can either caress or use to create Fashion. So far I’m working on the snakes but soon to come will be the squirrels and bunnies. I mean why wait until the animal is dead to emblazon your house’s logo on it? I propose genetically modifying the creatures from the get-go: