Painting Logo Swag Square

Taking the yawns out of men’s wear

One thing that makes me feel sad is when I see that a person lacks either the funds or the sophistication to dress completely in Logo Wear.  Since everyone must do their part I realized that it would be a crime to not develop Haute Logo Wear featuring my own initials.  Because the gentlemen in my paintings deserve to be dressed in good taste.

So what started as a diversion (see Uggh, not HER again for important background information) has in my capable hands, yet again, ended in a fashion victory:

Blog Logo Development

In the near future I’ll post pictures of the paintings I’m currently working which feature this impressive logo scheme.  Obviously you’re going to love what you see.

In the meantime feel free to create and send me alternate Haute Logo Wear designs featuring my initials.  Or perhaps develop a worthy logo-image for my fashion line.  Remember to both be inspired and to never worry that a logo might be “too big” because there is no such thing.

Ralph Lauren Logo

I will post and give you credit on this blog even while stealing your designs for my paintings.  I promise.


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