Logo Creature Study : Coral Snake 1

The View from Inside My Head

This weekend was Sedona Lady Vacation and as expected much important work was done.  We women got to the bottom of everything.

The view from my hotel room: View-from-room

The view from inside my head: Snake-Sedona2

The view at sunset: Sunset-over-Enchantment

The view inside my head: Snake-Sedona1

And I don’t even want to show you the view inside my head that THIS inspired: Sarah-laying-on-devils-bridge

This was terror moment when the ladies tromped out onto Devil’s Bridge because they hate me.  I’m not included in the photo as I’m obviously plastered against the rock wall trying not to scream, desperately trying to get bars so that I can order a helicopter.

Now that I’m back in the studio my work on Logo Creatures continues with new energy.

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