self as model

Uggh, not HER again

The positive and negative thing about living on a remote island of relentless isolation is the relentless isolation. Since I tape together photo compilations as the basis for my paintings this inevitably leads to me relying on a lot of photos of myself. To correct the poses of others. Because clearly models never pose “right.”

Mostly this works out okay and because all of my pieces, still-lives included, are essentially psychological self-portraits I think it infuses an energy into the work that otherwise wouldn’t be there. But then on mornings like today I walk into my studio, look around, and just think, “uggh, not HER again.”

self sketches3

So this morning, to relieve the tension of ME ME ME everywhere, I did the obvious thing and decided to create some Haute Logo Wear swatches featuring my own initials.

Sharpie haute logo wear2

Raise your hand if you want Logo Swag and email me A.S.A.P. because this stuff is going to fly off the shelves.

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